Left South Africa

Status Jenny
Sunday 12.01.2014

We have had a great time in South Africa and we hope to go back there some time to see more of the beautiful country. We have also enjoyed the company of three other Norwegian boats and we have had a very nice Norwegian Christmas onboard.
But we still miss our good friends in Singapore and hope to see them all again when we get back to Norway.

We got new crew onboard 30 December – Sidsel and Jan Erik from Norway and after celebrating New Year with a barbecue on RCYC with all our sailing friends, we did some more sightseeing before we moved the boat from Simonstown to Cape Town for checking out procedure.

On the 02. January most of the rigging was replaced due to the incident we had on the way down to Cape Town, and after we heard about Jacarada`s problem with broken halyards we had our checked and ended up with changing the main halyard and the yankee halyard. We have spent a lot of time repairing equipment after the Indian Ocean and are glad to be in the Atlantic Ocean again.

Day 1 – Passage to St. Helena 1700nm.

Left Cape Town Friday morning, the plan was to leave Thursday night but when everything was ready – the engine would not start – flat start battery. I think we now have changed all our batteries since we left Norway.

We have had good sailing conditions but as usual the first couple of days are always a bit hard before we get used to the sea again.
We have done 196nm the fist 24 hours and that is a good start.

Day 2 – Enjoying the Atlantic Ocean

We have had another good day and night with good condition, it is still a bit cold at night but it will be better in a couple of days.
It is so different sailing from the Indian Ocean (which we will not do again) ever.

But the weather can be rough here too, we where delayed by a heavy storm and the Cape2Rio race have had a lot of problems due to bad weather. Before we left 8 boats from the race came back one of them had a mast break and many of the crew got injured and one died. I think the race should have been postponed due to the weather condition which they saw coming.

For us it looks good at the moment and we hope it will stay like this for the next weeks.

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