Arrived Mauritius – Monday 07.10.2013

Our last day of sailing was pleasant and with good wind, no coffee cups or mugs broken.  We averaged 8 knots on this passage so it has been fast but very rock and roll, like driving on a very bad road.

Monday afternoon we called Port Luis port control and asked for permition to enter the harbor.   I(read Eli) did a little “short cut” and told them we would be in at 18:30, the harbor close at 18:10 and I wanted to get in.  At 18:30 they called us and asked where we where, and then I had to tell them that I had miscalculated a little and we would not be there before 19.00 , they where good to us and told us if we hurried we would be allowed to enter.
Port Louis, MauritiusIt is not easy to navigate into a town with a lot of light on the shore but we managed to find the immigration dock with help from a port control boat.  After the line was on the dock it was not possible to get the boat into the dock.  We then realized that we where stuck on the bottom, the dept sounder showed 1,4m.  We called up the harbour master and he told us to go strait to the marina  which we did, but on our way to the marina we got a little bit to close to a marker we though was a mooring buoy.  We discovered the hard way that it was not a mooring buoy when we hit the wreck that it is marking.  We had no speed so it was not a problem for us, but a very strange way of marking a wreck.

We have now been in Port Louis for 3 days and the boat is washed down, outside with vinegar because of all the salt.  We know where the supermarked and the fruit/veg. marked are and that is more than enough for us.

Ørjan (Svein-Jarle’s brother) came onbaord Tuesday and we gave him the water hose immidiatly so he is already put to work 🙂  I have to keep the “boys” occupied.  We have also had some nice meals at the new waterfront area that has been developed the last couple of years.  It is very nice but there are no people there at night because it is to expensive for the locals and all the tourist stay at the hotels further north.

Thursday and Friday two Norwegian boats came in to the harbour – Flow and Hero,  we have heard a lot about them but never met them. so it was nice to finally meet.    It is a long time since we have seen any Norwegian boats.  There are boats from UK, Germany, Fiji, France, Danmark, Switserland, USA, Slovenia  and Norway in the marina at the moment  – a good blend.

It feels very good to have a full night sleep without noise and nightwatches.  We are enjoing every minute of it  –  and are glad that we are a good bit closer to the coast of South Africa.  Tonight Friday it will be happy hour together with all the other boats at the nice hotel just next to the boat.

Svein-Jarle, Jan and Eli

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