2300nm to Mauritius

The last couple of days to Mauritius

Thursday morning 05.00 – day 9
The fish soup was excellent and we had a very good foccaia bread to it -all made by Svein-Jarle.
I had my day off from cooking and it was really nice, actually a very lacy day.
A calm eveningThe wind was fear but there is some nasty weather coming today or tomorrow so all the boats in the “fleet” are heading south. We can then bear off when the winds pick up and it is always better to have the wind behind the beam than forward of the beam. We will have to wait and see, but our weather man Trygve is telling us that it will be no more than 25 knots and that mean 30-35 knots in the gusts. At he moment there is very little wind and we are sailing slowly…. with 2 reefs in the main, but when the daylight comes we have to take one of the reefs out if this continues.
The weather has been very nice with a lot of sun and moderate breeze.

Friday morning 07.00 – day 10
We have had a very rough night with a lot of squalls, some rain and wind guesting to +30 knots so not to much sleep. Hope when the sun comes up (if it comes up today) the squalls will disappear. I really look forward to get to Mauritius we have now only 663nm to go (3 more days).
Another very windy and gray day, we stayed inside and read more or less the hole day. Mid day we had to put in the 3.rd reef because the wind was
increasing to steady 29 knots, after that Jenny got much more comfortable.

Saturday morning 06.00 – day 11
The night was ok, not to many squalls but still a lot of wind so we will keep the 3.rd reef in today too.
The sun was shining from a clear blue sky, so we where able to do some sunbathing in the cockpit. But it is a lot colder in the air so we need the sun, it is too cold for having a shower, but we really need one. We have to see what tomorrow will bring. Only 2 more night watches 🙂 and we are there.

Sunday morning 07.30 – day 12

We have not changed the time so there is no daylight before 08.00, but tomorrow when we get there we will have to change the time 2,5 hours. We will be arriving late so we do not know if we are allowed into the harbor for checking in before Tuesday. We just have to see…..
Only one night watch left…..

The sea is still very disturbed and the waves are big so it is just like driving on a very bad road, just like to one in Tanna – Vanuatu (I am sure Sally and Matthew remember the roads there).

Jan, Eli and Svein-Jarle

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