Very pleasent sail to Jakarta


Forurenset himmelShipping and fishing boatsFor the first time since we left Singapore we have had a day and night sail with good and steady wind from East and a pleasant ride towards Jakarta.
We have all enjoyed a hot day in the cockpit with not a lot of cloths on. During the night there was a lot of traffic so a good look out was necessary. Cargo ships and squid fishing boats with lots of light on, not like the small fishing boats with nets that we meet on the west side of Malaysia. Monster fishing boatsFast fishing boatWe have later discovered (when Svein-Jarle was diving on the boat) that we probably had a net on the wings for some time because there is a mark in the paint on top of the wings, and we remember a loud noise when it went off and we got one knot more speed.

Early in the morning we saw the skyline of Jakarta and had to slow the boat down because we needed high tide to get in to the marina. After “circling” around to wait for the tide we headed for the marina entrance.
Fra toppen av Batavia yacht clubWe knew that the channel into the marina was shallow and several times we asked the marina manager for the dept but he never answered us on that question but was very nice and helpful. At 16.00 we entered 14 cm before high tide and it got more and more shallow but the boat never really stopped it just went slower for a while. We saw 1,8m on the dept sounder and Jenny is 2.5 so we have probable made a nice plow in the mud. But we got in to the nice Batavia Marina with a beautiful reception and very nice
facilities so we where all very happy. The Marina manager was also helpful and friendly.
After having a good anchor dram we hosed down the boat with fresh water and had a good pizza for dinner.

Fantastic yacht clubJakarta parkingThe next morning after a good night sleep Jan and me walked to the old city of Jakarta (which is very close), but at some time we got lost and was helped by a lady named Hanna who is an English teacher and she more or less followed us to the center of Kota. We asked Hanna if she could be our guide in Jakarta and we will invite her our to the boat today and make arrangement for a guided tour. We always like to meet the local people and that makes all the difference, the city (what we saw) is dirty, smelly
and the people live in very bad conditions. But as always there is a rich elite that has a lots of money.
We look forward to meet Hanna today and listen to what she have to tell us about her city.


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