Indonesia 3

Wind on the nose again…. and we have not seen anything else.
At the moment we are sailing on the west side of Bangka.

Yesterday we stayed in the river of Blinyu. We had a little walk ashore and got some eggs and potatoes, the houses we saw looked in very good shape (new and very nicely painted) and people was very friendly as usual, but they do not speak any English.

We took down the aircon unit and deflated the dingy before we left and sat sail towards Belitung, but after 1 hour we made a U-turn because
of big waves and 25knots of wind on the nose. We decided to sail on the west side of the island instead of going back in to the anchorage again. We had all kinds of wind and after 50nmil we anchored in a little bay and had a nice evening in the cockpit. After passing the equator 2 days ago the temperature specially in the evening is a lot more pleasant than in Singapore.

After 2 days sailing (200nm)hard on the wind we got some shelter from Belitung island and set the anchor after dark. We all felt desperately for a shower and an anchor “dram” and some food. We have had the wind on the nose more or less since we left Nongsa point and big seas. We have to consider if we will beet upwind the next 600nm to Bali, but first we will talk to Maria and Warren on Nightfly and hear about their experience from Jakarta.

This morning (Sunday 25.) we left early to sail the rest of the way to Dang Bay on Beilitung where we will meet up with Maria and Warren and we really look forward to it, last time was for Christmas 2011 with the best sailing friends every Monica and Jan (Blue Dame), Brandy and Mark (Restless) and Maria and Warren (Nightfly). We hope to see them all again in Norway when we get back home.

Lots of love to all from
Jenny’s crew

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